I help business owners find new clients. How? By simply telling the

You run your own small business. It’s really busy and stressful sometimes, but you know your work is good.

Your clients do too - you just need more of them. 

People tell you to sort out your online presence, ‘do more marketing’ and you know you should... but you can’t waste time or money... and where do you start?


I create clear and compelling


You know the problem. The new website's coming along but you need new words... 

You know you should be blogging or posting ... and now that you have that new service the old brochure is definitely out of date. That new client would make a great case study...


sitting down to write doesn't excite you and besides, there are so many other things to do!

This is where I help. I work freelance through agencies and directly with business owners to fill that content gap, easily and efficiently feeding into your SEO and wider marketing work.

I have worked with FTSE 100 CEOs, small business owners, research scientists, foresters, farmers and carpenters. I have worked with top-10 global agencies as well as medium and small ones. I have worked in-house, on contract and freelance.

The bulk of my work is B2B and I enjoy working with technical and complex topics to create compelling copy. 


Besides digital content including entire new websites and copy revamps I write lots of blogs and can help shape video and radio content. I have also written brochures, media training, presentations, copy for exhibition stands and brochures,

on topics ranging from wood chips to

Wi-Fi, nanotechnology to the gender pay gap.  


Your strategy

is where great content starts, so expect to have a quick chat about that. I can work to refine it with you (using a proven ABC tool) if you wish. 

But mostly I'm here to take a brief from you, then make sure great words are


where and when you need them. 

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